Case Studies

The MGI Recruitment Process

We work very closely with our clients and over the years we have completed many successful projects for them. These case studies highlight some of the stages we go through to make sure we always find the perfect candidates for our clients. For confidentiality reasons we don't name clients.

English, French and German Game Masters

"200 game masters with very specific skills"


This case study details how mgi recruitment assisted in a recruitment campaign for a leading video game developer through their own contact centre outsourcing company.

Recruitment Requirements:
We were approached to work alongside 6 other Irish based recruitment agencies to recruit 200 games masters to be based in Dublin North with very specific skills:
  • Fluency in English, German or French
  • In-depth understanding of MMORPG’s
  • Available for full 40-hour working week
  • Flexible to work both day and night shifts

mgi recruitment’s response:
We conducted research to gain an in-depth understanding of the core values of the company and our marketing team set about advertising the position throughout Europe. Two dedicated account managers were appointed to the project with a team of 14 experienced recruiters to assist them in sourcing the best candidates for the roles.

Recruitment process:
Following responses from the successful advertising campaign, we began the initial screening process in order to determine the most suitable candidates and make the recruitment process as efficient as possible for our client.

Stages of the screening process:
  • 15 minute telephone interviews (However mgi recruitment were not allowed to disclose the name of the game)
  • Written gaming assessment (score of 80% required to pass)
  • 30 minute written application form
  • 30 minute face to face interview with mgi consultant
  • File compiled for contact centre outsourcing company with detailed interview notes
  • This process took approx. 3 hours for each gamer

Interview process:
Once they had received the CVs of the shortlisted candidates, the client conducted the interview process themselves in the following stages:
  • Reviewing of all documentation
  • 30 minute face to face interview with HR
  • Feedback and choosing of successful candidates

Once the successful candidates had been identified, we got in touch with them and from there advised the client of their available start dates.
Recruitment Outcome:
14 mgi recruiters, sent 165 CVs,
client hired 135 candidates,
40 German speakers, 30 French speakers, 65 English speakers

For the recruitment project of 200 Game Masters, mgi recruitment sourced 135 of the vacancies or 68%

As a direct result of this campaign, which proved we could successfully source experienced Game Masters, we now enjoy a working relationship with several other gaming companies around the world.

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