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16th February 2012


Age: 49

Country: Cork, Ireland



On my search for a new fulfilling job I became aware of mgi recruitment and requested guidance. To my surprise the response was immediate. Just minutes after I sent my email I received a phone call. The consultant dealing with my request was an exceptionally intelligent extremely well educated young lady with a very friendly and outgoing personality. She quickly learned about my skills and ambitions as well as strengths and weaknesses. That way she gave me an insight in myself helping me to turn weakness into strength in a way only a friend could. Soon after that she was able to get me in contact with a company looking for someone with my set of skills, willing to learn lots of new ones. This company is a huge international organization offering me an opportunity to develop myself in a way I didn't ever dare to dream of (until now).

mgi recruitment coached, advised and directed me all the way through the application process, dealing with former employers of mine, with my new employer and all that goes with it.

Thanks to their knowledge, enthusiasm and guidance I made it through successfully!

The whole process amazingly didn't take longer than two weeks.

I will start to work in my new job as early as march already and I have to say I can't wait!

I bet mgi recruitment do not know how grateful I really am! It is hard to find words to express such feelings.


Thank you very much mgi recruitment, and a very special thank you to my recruiter!


The chance you gave me to reinvent myself will never be forgotten!

Be assured I will recommend your services to everybody I know.


Very much obliged




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